Why are AquaRest Spas unique?2017-07-03T09:27:15-05:00

AquaRest Spas are easy to buy, use and maintain. Simply fill the spa with water then plug it into a standard household 120v/15 amp electrical outlet. Once the water warms to your desired temperature it is ready to enjoy.

Each energy efficient spa is made using a rotationally molded, recyclable, medium-density polyethylene shell, instead of the acrylic and fiberglass shells that are used in traditional spas. The resulting lighter weight and durability of this process provides superior strength, greater price value and more portability.

The AquaRest quality manufacturing process allows the spa shell to be created as an all-weather, water-tight, one piece, unibody spa, reducing the number of assembled areas that can weaken with use. It also requires no internal structural wood in the frame that can warp or rot when exposed to water.

No volatile organic compounds are released during manufacturing and the recyclable shell means less waste ends up in our landfills.

AquaRest Spas has been an innovator in the design and manufacturing of rotationally molded hot tubs since 1997, offering lightweight, durable, energy efficient models with the features spa owners want at a fraction of the cost compared to acrylic spas. Smooth, lustrous interiors, stainless steel massage jets, LED Backlit Waterfall, patented EZ Kleen filtration with 100 percent water filtration plus digital equipment and controls are built into every AquaRest model. Our spas are perfect for all of your relaxation, entertaining and hydrotherapy needs.

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What kind of jets are in AquaRest Spas?2017-07-03T09:27:15-05:00

Adjustable stainless steel massage jets are standard on all of our spas.

Do more jets provide a better hot tub experience?2017-07-03T09:27:15-05:00

Strategic jet placement and design creates the optimal hot tub experience. The adjustable jets that come standard in every AquaRest Spa allow you to customize your hydrotherapy experience, and their arrangement pinpoints tension-holding muscle groups for a massage that relieves stress and pain.

Are there health benefits to owning a hot tub?2017-07-03T09:27:15-05:00

Yes, like any wellness routine, the best results come with consistency. Along with the soothing massage of our adjustable jets, regular warm water therapy also has the benefit of relieving the pain of arthritis and improving sleep. By allowing yourself the time to unwind in the comfort of your spa while it eases away the tension of the day, your body relaxes and is ready to fall into a natural sleep at bedtime.

Having an AquaRest Spa right in your back yard gives you convenient access to all the health benefits a hot tub provides. Industry-wide research shows that over 76 percent of hot tub owners use their spa at least twice a week, and when you consider the low maintenance requirements of our spas, you’ll see why it’s never been easier to create the ideal wellness routine steps from your door.

However, the benefits of spa ownership go beyond health and wellness. For family time and entertaining, few recreation products provide the enjoyment that you’ll have in a hot tub from AquaRest Spas.

How do I install my AquaRest Spa?2017-07-03T10:48:15-05:00

All AquaRest Spas use 120V, 15 amp service that plugs into a standard electrical outlet without any special wiring. All you have to do is fill your spa with water, plug it in and enjoy. It doesn’t get easier than that.

(The deluxe upgrade package requires wiring by an electrician.)

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What comes with the spa?2020-02-19T13:21:29-05:00

All AquaRest Spas include:

  • Premium Thermal Locking Cover
  • Multi-Color LED Backlit Waterfall
  • 1.5 + 2 HPR Energy Efficient Pump
  • EZ Kleen Filtration
  • Full Foam Insulation
  • Digital Equipment and Controls
  • Ozone Ready
  • Convenience Drain
  • 5-Year Shell Warranty Plus 1-Year Equipment & 90 Days Labor
Does AquaRest offer any upgrades?2017-07-03T09:27:15-05:00

Optional Upgrades offered with all spas include:

  • Factory Installed: convertible 120/240V, 1 kw/4kw heater, 2 speed pump. The Spa ships Plug and Play ready for 120-Volt 15 Amp with a 1kW heater. The heater can be converted from a 120-Volt 1kW to 240-Volt 4kW with the installation of a 30 or 50 Amp 240-Volt electrical service, by a certified electrician.
  • Factory Installed Ozone
  • Additional accessories such as our deluxe storage steps and replacement filters can be purchased through online retailers’ websites
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What do you offer as color options?2020-02-19T13:19:07-05:00

Three color options:




What does an Ozonator do?2016-02-04T15:18:36-05:00

An Ozonator helps keep your water cleaner and easier to maintain while reducing the use of harsh chemicals. An Ozonator produces ozone gas that is then injected into the spa water. The ozone gas passes through the water, killing bacteria 50 times faster than any chemical treatment. When the ozone gas hits the surface it reverts back to pure oxygen. Ozonators reduce the need of harsh chemicals by up to 50 percent.

NOTE: Ozonators are optional on all models and are factory installed when purchased with a spa order. Learn More

What is the average cost of hot tub maintenance?2017-03-28T08:57:08-05:00

Your environment, frequency of use and level of upkeep are all factors that go into determining the cost of hot tub maintenance. Because each spa has full foam insulation and comes with a free Thermal Locking Cover, the heat is kept in and your costs are kept low. Plan on a $20+ per month in operating costs.

How much time will I spend cleaning my hot tub?2016-01-29T09:15:12-05:00

AquaRest Spas come with our patented EZ Kleen filtration system that provides 100 percent water filtration to reduce the amount of time you need to spend cleaning your spa and water. EZ Kleen eliminates the bulky suction fittings that most spas have protruding in the footwell area. Finally there’s a filtration system that fits seamlessly into the design of your spa and even beautifies it thanks to a LED backlit waterfall.

The smooth, lustrous interiors of AquaRest Spas make cleaning as simple as wiping down your spa with a cloth and antibacterial cleaner. Because an AquaRest Spa will never fade, crack or peel, you’ll never have to resurface your hot tub—saving you money while you relax with family and friends in the comfort of warm water jets.

Need an extra boost to ease cleaning and maintaining? All our spas can be upgraded to include Factory Installed Ozone that sanitizes water while reducing the need for harsh chemicals that can irritate skin and eyes.

Our locking thermal cover comes free with every spa to help keep out debris and keep your water clean between uses.

Your owner’s manual and our customer service team will help you with any additional questions; please call 888-768-6772.

How often should I change the filter, and where do I get replacement filters?2016-01-29T09:14:54-05:00

Depending on how often you use your spa, a spa filter should last a year, on average. Most owners keep a second filter on hand so that they can continue to enjoy their spa while its filter is being cleaned.

What type of foundation is required for the spa?2017-07-03T09:27:15-05:00

Provide a solid foundation for your AquaRest Spa with a minimum load-bearing capacity of 117 lbs. per square foot. Some surface suggestions: travertine, synthetic wood, stone/slate, brick pavers, cement or stained cement.

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How long is the cord?2017-07-03T09:27:15-05:00

12 Feet

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To contact Customer Service, please call 1-888-768-6772.

Before spa delivery, please read and sign the AquaRest Curbside Delivery Instructions and Agreement, then fax to 407-936-9696 or email to Sales@AquaRestSpas.com as instructed. This will ensure you are prepared for a smooth delivery and can begin to enjoy your new spa.

What is the warranty?2017-07-03T10:49:30-05:00

AquaRest offers a very competitive warranty:

  • 5 years on the structure of the shell
  • 1 year Parts/90 Days On-Site Labor
  • 1 year spa cover
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Who do I contact with questions about my spa?2016-01-29T09:10:54-05:00

For questions regarding your spa (warranty repairs, out-of-warranty service, parts, manuals, or maintenance), please contact our customer service department at: 1-888-768-6772.