As one of the first manufacturers of rotomolded hot tubs, we design our spas to maximize the personal relaxation, family entertainment and hydrotherapy health needs of our spa buyers at the best affordable prices.

Our leadership team has over 25 years of industry experience, allowing us to understand the many different needs of a spa owner. Through thoughtful design and engineering, AquaRest Spas offer you a smooth, lustrous interior, stainless steel massage jets, LED Backlit Waterfall, patented EZ Kleen filtration with 100 percent water filtration and digital equipment and controls — all built into every model.

In our factory, every spa goes through rigorous 24-hour water testing to ensure it meets our quality standards before being packed. AquaRest Spas are then ready to be shipped around the world to countries with various climates — where they are enjoyed year-round thanks to full foam insulation and marine-grade vinyl thermal cover that keeps the heat in and the operating costs low.

Whether you’re seeking a new spa for entertaining, family time, romance or to add to your wellness routine, we’re confident that your needs will be met in an AquaRest Spa.

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Located in Lake Mary, Florida, AquaRest Spas has been leading the spa industry in the innovation and creation of rotationally molded spas since 1997.

Why Choose a Rotomolded Spa over an Acrylic Spa

Rotationally molded spas are made of medium-density polyethylene and offer unparalleled durability at a superior value. The natural strength of the material allows the spa to hold its form without the need for additional internal support materials that add significant weight to the spa. This lightweight construction makes the spa easier to manage and more portable to move around. All polyethylene shells used on AquaRest spas are also environmentally safe and recyclable.

Unlike AquaRest’s roto-molded spas, traditional acrylic spas are built with fiberglass, wood, resins and fillers making the spa heavy and less environmentally friendly, creating problems when you want to move them and potential problems for our landfills.

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With AquaRest Spas, you’ll never have to worry about warping or rotting wood caused by water exposure or acrylic surface scratching and cracks that can lead to costly repairs. Because AquaRest Spas are made with a durable thermal plastic that won’t fade, peel scratch or crack, you’ll never have to worry about resurfacing your spa.

How AquaRest Spas are Made

AquaRest Spas are manufactured using a cutting edge process called Rotational Molding. We use medium-density polyethylene, a tough, recyclable thermal plastic that is molded through a multi-step, computer-guided process.

The medium-density polyethylene is deposited into an aluminum mold that is heated in a large oven then slowly rotated on horizontal and vertical axes. This rotation allows the melted plastic to evenly coat the walls of the mold to create a uniformly thick unibody spa.

After the plastic cools, the spa is released from the mold. Then the fabrication process begins where jet fittings and plumbing are installed along with the equipment pack containing the pump, heater and control system, as well as the digital control panel, lighting and electrical wiring.

Computer guided machine that rotates the mold on both a vertical and horizontal axis to evenly shape the spa.

Computer guided machine that rotates the mold on both a vertical and horizontal axis to evenly shape the spa.

A recyclable medium density polyethylene material is used to create the Strong thermal plastic spa shell.

A recyclable medium density polyethylene material is used to create the strong thermal plastic spa shell.

We believe that owning a spa should relieve stress, not add to it.

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