Deluxe Upgrade Package

Upgrade your AquaRest Spa to a 2.0 HPR two-speed pump, a convertible 1kw / 4kw electric heater and an ozone generator.

Deluxe Upgrades Include:

  • 2 HPR 2 speed pump — increases the volume of water that flows through your spa
  • Stainless Steel convertible 1kw / 4kw electric heater — for quicker temperature changes. The Spa ships Plug and Play ready for 120-Volt 15 Amp with a 1kW heater. The heater can be converted from a 120-Volt 1kW to 240-Volt 4kW with the installation of a 30 or 50 Amp 240-Volt electrical service, by a certified electrician.
  • Ozonator — reduces chemicals in the water to keep your spa’s water clean

What this means to you:

  • Improved jet performance
  • Dramatically reduce heat recovery time
  • Maintain heat levels more efficiently
  • Lowers need for chemicals, so you spend less time cleaning your AquaRest Spa and more time enjoying it