Before Purchasing a Spa Cover

It is important you know your spa model number to ensure you purchase a cover that will fit your spa. Please follow the steps below.

Spa Model


Cover Part Number

ECL-xxx-xx or ESC-xxx-xx Cover AR200 — Charcoal 481000-1
ECL-xxx-xx or ESC-xxx-xx Cover AR200 — Walnut 481001
TRI-xxx-xx Cover AR300 — Charcoal 481050
TRI-xxx-xx Cover AR300 — Walnut 481051
X4H-xxx-xx Cover AR400 — Charcoal 481060
X4H-xxx-xx Cover AR400 — Walnut 481061
X5H-xxx-xx Cover AR500 — Charcoal 481070
X5H-xxx-xx Cover AR500 — Walnut 481071
EZB-xxx-xx Cover AR600 — Charcoal 481020
EZB-xxx-xx Cover AR600 — Walnut 481021